Feb 11

Win Super Sunglasses! Enter now.



Here we go! We love to give back and what better way than to show our appreciation to you, our customers, then to give away two pairs of Super sunglasses from Retro Super Future. The lucky two winners, selected on March 10th, will receive any pair of Super sunglasses they want from our site. Don’t miss your chance to win, anyone can enter.

Entry is fast, simple, and best of all FREE. Details below…


There are 2 ways you can enter:

1. Follow Eyegoodies.com on Twitter ( @eyegoodies ) and tweet the following message:

Follow @eyegoodies + RT this message by Mar 10th to enter to WIN a FREE pair of SUPER sunglasses by RETROSUPERFUTURE http://bit.ly/bm8gy5

or you can…

2. Sign Up to our newsletter (located on the bottom of the site)
with a valid email address and then write a comment in this post. If you are already subscribed, then simply write a comment in this post.

Though you only need to do 1 or 2 above to enter, you can do 1 and 2 to double your chances at winning!

if entering by method 1, you must be following us on twitter.
If entering by method 2 you must be signed up to our newsletter list.

We will randomly choose one retweet and one comment in this post as the winners on March 10th 2010(12 pm EST), two winners total will be selected. The winners will be contacted by direct message on twitter or by email depending on entry method. That lucky individuals will have their choice of any pair of Super sunglasses they want from our site, which you can see here.

Good Luck!

Congratulations to:
Ashlynn from CA – Flat Top Black & Gold
Jess from Canada – Ciccio Black & Gold

We would like to thank everyone for participating. Also keep a look out as alot more giveaways and contests will soon be popping up!

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user comments  (190)

  1. Gregg Einhorn says:

    so nice!!

  2. James says:

    Such an awesome idea. Hurry up march the 10th…. I want the classic blacks 😛

  3. Stancu Marius says:

    I love the Super Sunglasses and i want to have all the pairs from this collection … !!! maybe with your “help” !!! you’re SUPER !!!

  4. Rico McQueen says:

    I’m already signed up for the newsletter…

    When is the pre-order for the new Supers going up?

  5. Andy says:

    Super Sunglasses contest is great!

  6. anton says:

    super for the win1

  7. Bryan says:


  8. Cheryl Briggs says:

    YAY! I can always use more sunglasses!


  9. Logan says:

    Got ’em

  10. Christopher Rodriguez says:

    supers are the best. hands down.

  11. charles says:

    Cool contest!

  12. andrew ll says:

    classics for me 8)

  13. Allen Lee says:

    I WANT ONE!!

  14. Dario Ruiz says:

    I’m glad they’re doing this, super sunglasses are definitely the best!

  15. Brian Watson says:

    I really really want to win this!

  16. Dennis says:

    I only get supers on eye goodies

  17. Bryan says:

    These glasses are really good quality.

  18. Danny says:

    Nice contest. Super glasses are awesome…

  19. Fabrice Guyont says:

    I wear my Super everyday. I would love another pair.

  20. duncan bourgoin says:

    Super super super.

  21. jon says:


  22. melvin says:

    i wear my super sideviews all the time. got them from eyegoodies too!

  23. Jorge gonzalez says:


  24. Leah says:


  25. greg hladky says:

    Very nice of you guys! hope I win!

  26. Mark says:

    love love love RETROSUPERFUTURE!

  27. Gregory Miller says:

    This is SUPER!!! Crossing my fingers right now!!!

  28. kevin lee says:

    awesomee. I hope I get picked

  29. gali says:

    oh this is just super

  30. Miller says:

    Can’t wait!

  31. Marley says:

    I <3 SUPER!

  32. Marc Lapid says:

    balllllllllinn! ha

  33. Brandon Lejnieks says:

    I need me some matte Basics.

  34. JL says:

    Love my Super Flat Tops

  35. Co says:

    Can’t believe my eyes…

  36. Elias says:

    Supers are hot

  37. Josh says:

    I love my new 24ks!

  38. Rayna says:

    Oh, be still my beating heart! How I’d love to win this giveaway! There is NOTHING in the world like these sunglasses — nothing. x

  39. Reni G says:

    I love Super Sunglasses!

  40. Robert Bjerknes says:


  41. Tuan says:

    we appreciate you guys doing this. keep it up

  42. taylor cassidy says:

    I love super sunglasses!

  43. Thomas says:


  44. Sam F. says:

    Yes please.

  45. Matt says:

    These are kick ass sunglasses.

  46. hyung kang says:


  47. Chris Perez says:

    I have four pairs and I still want more!!

  48. kevin tibbs says:

    Super Glasses ALL DAY!!!!

  49. kleven2k says:

    Nice, i love Super sunglasses!

  50. Benjamin Gordon says:


  51. Paul Chuatico says:

    wow from hot and spicy manila!!!

  52. nadia says:

    i love super!!

  53. Jim Wade says:

    I sure could use some new sunglasses!


  54. Priscilla says:

    Love them all!

  55. Ivan Victoria says:

    Nice… Super flat matte blacks are mine!

  56. Joseph N says:


  57. sandy says:

    oh maaannn i was gonna buy a pair but mebbe i’ll just get some for free

  58. Ben says:

    Rocking, Day or Night, Doesn’t matter…

  59. Mark says:

    Super sunnies allll riiiight

  60. Norman says:

    Nothing like a pair of SUPERS.

  61. Eric Lawton says:

    Lets go retrosuperfuture

  62. AK Lori says:

    Loved my Versace sunglasses I bought from Eyegoodies . Unfortunately they’re in the bottom of Lake Shasta : (

  63. Ed Allen says:

    I love the clarity, styling and the light weight of Super sunglasses!

  64. Jacob Turiano says:

    Last Name: Ever
    First Name: Greatest

    I got my supers at eyegoodies I aint nothin to play with!

  65. A Happy Customer says:

    Buy your glasses here; this is a unique store for great glasses and the shipping is lightening fast! What more could you want? Thanks.

  66. Vanessa Rivero says:

    I love Supers, they’re amazing and the coolest sunglasses I’ve ever seen!
    Eye <3 Super

  67. Ruben Nunez says:

    Hehe, I love my Black Flat and Topski!… and now I’m excited for the opportunity to win a pair :)

  68. Leigh Hladky says:

    keeping my fingers crossed!

  69. Jorge Neves says:

    Already subscribed… love my ciccio… flat top black…. and my Flat Black & Gold… well alright!!

  70. Shaun Fontecha says:

    HOPE I WIN!!

  71. david n says:

    I need me some matte Basics.

  72. SuperGirl says:

    Super rocks!!

  73. Lauren says:

    Effing LOVE Super Sideviews, I need you in my life!!

  74. Joe Monahan says:


  75. Michael Dinh says:

    WOOO. i need some supers!

  76. Brandon says:


  77. Cesar Guerrero says:

    http://www.eyegoodies.com love your collection/ best site to shop for sunglasses.
    Just recieved my Carrera’s from Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video!!!

  78. sunny says:

    Woo, good luck to everyone!

  79. roborange says:

    I love me some Super glasses and EyeGoodies has the BEST service.

  80. Rick says:

    and my entry is in… love to get me some flat top blacks.

  81. gilbert says:

    very coollll

  82. june choi says:

    Love the sunglasses. I want one really bad!

  83. eujay says:

    i need another pair of supers!

  84. Meg says:

    Cool! I hope, hope, hope to win!!

  85. RYAend says:

    Would love me another pair of Supers.

  86. Ella says:

    i’d love the havana glitters :-)

  87. Lau says:

    I love SUPERs!

  88. Jacob says:

    this is awesome

  89. Steven says:


  90. Tan Nguyen says:

    SUPERS are too ill!!! Thanks eyegoodies for keeping me fresh!!!

  91. tracydr says:

    cool giveaway, thank you!

  92. Holly says:

    come onnnnn march 10… can’t wait for my new pair of supers!

  93. Durrell says:

    Some black flat tops would be great ESPECIALLY FOR FREE

  94. CPHAM says:

    retrosuperfuture’s quality is amazing!

  95. jack muirhead says:

    super technicolour ftw

  96. Jacqueline Lee says:

    I hope I win!

  97. Stancu Decebal says:

    Italian style … BEND IT (WITH SUPER) ! LIKE ME …

  98. Terrence LeGall says:

    Super flat top black matte!!!! Need them in my life!!!!!

  99. Dan says:

    that’s great!!!!i want SUPER!!!!

  100. karl says:

    bought a pair of classic black i turned into rx glasses. love em! could use a back up pair

  101. Monica says:

    love xx

  102. Kyle says:

    Hoping for some 24k!

  103. Ashley Lek says:

    pick me!!!!!

  104. sal says:

    i have 2 pair of super sunglasses. and i hope i get to get a third one!!

  105. Kenny says:

    Subscribed! GL to everyone

  106. Joe Mayberry says:

    Shotgun winning

  107. Joy says:

    love love super sunglasses!!

  108. DanielHuckaby says:

    I Like Your Sunglasses

  109. Richard Maait says:

    I purchased my first pair of Supers from Eyegoodies over Christmas and am offically addicted! Help me start building my collection!

  110. AK says:

    Id love to get another pair of these awesome glasses!!

  111. guillian says:

    SUPER best! =D

  112. maggie says:

    the BEST sunglasses!

  113. omid says:

    supers are some of the best for sure.

  114. Ahmed says:

    i never win anyway but hope is always there

  115. Johnny says:


  116. Connie says:

    so cool!

  117. Troy Shaw says:

    Good luck to everyone!!!! Can’t wait until march 10th.

  118. Matt says:

    I would love a pair of Super shades.. great contest!!!

  119. Eyes says:

    Two of every color.

  120. Angela Bailey says:

    A girl can never have too many pairs of great sunglasses.

  121. Nina says:

    This is exciting! I subscribed to your newsletter.

  122. sophia says:

    Awesome contest – thanks for doing this!

    I’d like to enter ^_^

  123. I wear shades at night says:

    give up the goodies!!!!

  124. Nadia says:

    Great competition. Good luck to everyone!

  125. Dan Lee says:

    Fantastic, I WANT!

  126. sam says:

    i want so bad

  127. kenzo says:

    un paio di super a meeeeeeee!
    flat top 4 lifeeee

  128. ohKay says:

    sunglasses <3

  129. Jess P says:


  130. Carlos B. says:

    Super sick!

  131. Kuli says:

    love my black flat tops
    but really loving those 24k lenses!

  132. jer.d says:

    just found this site. radical range.

  133. hypoh says:

    mmmm super

  134. Sheldon Smith says:

    Love these man !!

  135. Alex K. says:

    Yea these shades are redic!

  136. Sung Joo says:

    I can’t wait until march 10th. Go Super!!!!

  137. Matt says:

    I need those flat-top matte blacks. I love this site!!

  138. Joon Lee says:

    Wow. Super Sunglasses are rerally super. I really want to win!!!!! Thanks.!!!!!

  139. Joanna Smith says:

    Hi there! Great giveaway! I signed up for your newsletter by email and I am following you on twitter. My username on twitter is joannaonthelake Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  140. Michelle Jadaa says:

    i signed up for newsletter and tweeted:)Glad i found you,i wear sunglasses year round !

  141. Jerry Garcia says:

    I’d give up all my Tom Fords to have a pair of Supers. Pick me Pweese!!!!

  142. Arze says:

    It’s very difficult to be fashion forward, especially if you are a college student in California. Coming out of class the sun just hits your eyes and blinds you for a second.
    These would really hep out a lot…

  143. Jaime Garcia says:


  144. Michelle Simons says:

    I am a tweeting,

  145. charnene says:


  146. Claudia M says:

    Awesome Shades :)
    follow on Twitter @cdmtx65 and tweeted and signed up for the Newsletter :)

  147. gilberto says:

    me want please!

  148. Kulapeezy says:

    Man, these are soooooooooo nice!! hope I can get one..

  149. Addrienne meryens says:

    I subscribed.. Need new specs! Thanx

  150. Nat Edwards says:

    Dope as herion

  151. Tammie Chocklett says:

    Love your sunglasses :) I subscribed for newsletter.

  152. Tallanya morley says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted
    I also signed up for newsletter

  153. Deanna D. says:

    There was actually sunshine today which means I truly do need sunglasses now!

  154. Lisa says:

    I follow and tweeted would love these shades im out in the sun alot thanks so much for the contest

  155. BUCK says:

    SHINY, LIKE A…!!!!

  156. Jamie Nguyen says:

    i always wanted flat top super sunglasses

  157. Gigi says:

    I am obsessed with super sunglasses……it was finally sunny yesterday and I needed a pair so bad! I will promote your website to all my friends to buy their supers.

  158. lisa says:

    the cheetah are the ones. the cheetah are the ones that will match me, my dog, and my school books. The cheetah are the ones that I can rock all day loooooong!!!

  159. Dana says:

    I could definitely use a new pair of sunglasses…..
    Thank you for the chance

  160. Linda Davison says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter and tweeted @Dutchbrosluv
    Love these glasses perfect as baseball is starting up again and I sat on my old sunglasses. Got a clip now just need some sunglasses:)?

  161. Caren says:


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