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SUPER Spring/Summer 2012 “Offshore” Collection

Super Sunglasses Spring Summer 2012

SUPER Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2012 “Offshore” Collection is now in stock.

Made with the lingering warm days and nights of Summer in mind, color is key this season.

The collection’s palette includes new fresh Havana and Matte Havana acetates, a variety of soft semi-translucent candy colors, as well as a plethora of lens tints— each combination carefully selected.

Just in time for summer we get the release of the LIMITED EDITION “Visiva Series”.  A selection of vintage prints were meticulously chosen to line the interior of classic Super shapes, each coming with a special edition matching box.  Other new releases include the Pilot Series, Super’s first full metal silhouette, the Leon;  as well as a full range of optical frames.

There’s a lot to cover, so without further ado…

Let us proceed to the roundup:

Visiva Series (prints)
Visiva Series: for Spring/Summer 2012 Only.
To add some unique flavor for the summer months Super carefully matched up vintage 70’s and 80’s prints with their classic shapes and acetates. Each frame comes complete with a special edition matching printed box and will only be produced during the summer of 2012. So be sure to add a piece to your collection while you can.  Each print is available in selected styles and colors.

Super Florida Print

Super Florida Print

Shop Super Florida, Available in:
Super Basic Shape -Tortoise / Florida Print >>
Super Flat Top Small – Black / Florida Print >>

Super Sunset Print

Shop Super Sunset, Available in:
Super Ciccio – Black / Sunset Print >>
Super America – Orange / Sunset Print >>

Super Rivera Print sunglasses

Shop Super Riviera, Available in:
Super Flat Top – Black / Riviera Print >>
Super America – Blue / Riviera Print >>

Super Marina Print Sunglasses

Shop Super Marina, Available in:
Super Racer – Black / Marina Print >>
Super Basic Shape – Havana / Marina Print >>

Super Inn Print Sunglasses

Shop Super Inn, Available in:
Super America – Black / Inn Print >>

Super Rebecca Print

Shop Super Rebecca, Available in:
Super Flat Top – Havana / Rebecca Print >>
Super America – Caramel / Rebecca Print >>

Super Bananas Print

Shop Super Bananas, Available in:
Super Flat Top – Black / Bananas Print >>

Super Cactus Print

Shop Super Cactus, Available in:
Super Basic Shape – Dark Tortoise / Cactus Print >>

Super Pilot Series

Super’s Pilot series are outfitted in specially formulated contrast lenses. Studies have proven that the special brown and orange tinted lenses provide the optimum balance of contrast and comfort to the eye, greatly enhancing the clarity of vision.  Such lenses work wonders on overcast days or while driving.  The lenses are also further enhanced by an anti-reflective coating on the inside to eliminate distracting bounce back glare and reflections.

Super Flat Top Pilot SunglassesSuper Flat Top Pilot SunglassesSuper Racer Pilot Sunglasses
Super Jaguar Pilot SunglassesSuper Flat Top Small Pilot Sunglasses

Shop Super Pilot Series, Available in:
Super Flat Top Pilot Sunglasses >>
Super Racer Pilot Sunglasses >>
Super Jaguar Pilot Sunglasses >>
Super Flat Top Small Pilot Sunglasses >>

Super Leon Sunglasses
Super’s first full metal silhouette, Leon is an over-sized metal frame which has a single bridge, giving a very unique take on an aviator design. Engraved metal circumnavigates the lenses and is characterized by a flexible yet firm bridge, allowing complete comfort in the fit. Further detail is underlined with the subtle inscription underneath the bridge and on the nose pads. The Leon features premium Italian Barberini glass photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses react to the UV/sunlight and get darker, thus providing for the most comfortable vision possible under various light conditions.

Super Leon Green Sunglasses
Super Leon Green SunglassesSuper Leon Blue SunglassesSuper Leon Yellow Sunglasses

Shop Super Leon, Available in:
Super Leon Green Sunglasses >>
Super Leon Blue Sunglasses >>
Super Leon Yellow Sunglasses >>

Super Jaguar Quasimodo
The Jaguar ‘QUASIMODO’ is a result of a long-forgotten acetate-blending technique from the Seventies. This completely unique yet classic piece of eyewear is composed of three various havana acetates in the same family of color, with each acetate forming a different component of the shades.

Super Jaguar Quasimodo sunglasses

Super Jaguar Quasimodo sunglasses

Shop Super Jaguar Quasimodo Sunglasses >>


The Jaguar is now offered in a beautiful, feminine, and unique semi-transparent two-tone acetate: a color named by SUPER as simply “Eve”.

Super Jaguar Eve sunglasses

Super Jaguar Eve sunglasses
Shop Super Jaguar Eve Sunglasses >>

New Havana Acetates for Spring summer 2012

More subdued than other releases,  the new Havana colors still stand out: classic, fresh, and among our favorites this season.  Super has experimented with various shades of  Havana for its most classic core styles: the Basic Shape in a very dark and rich matte havana, the People in a medium matte havana, and the Ciccio model in a glossy “Burnt Havana”.

Super Basic Matte Havana SunglassesSuper People Matte Havana SunglassesSuper Ciccio Burnt Havana sunglasses

Super Basic Matte Havana Sunglasses >>
Super People Matte Havana Sunglasses >>
Super Ciccio Burnt Havana Sunglasses >>

Lucia Candy Series

Ultra-feminine, with a retro 60s and 70s flavor, the Super Lucia is now available in 4 new “candy” colors. The sweet candy-colored crystal acetates are paired with contrasting colored lenses, semi-transparent in order to subtly see the wearer’s eyes. Playful, flirtatious, provocative: sure to turn heads.


Lucia Candy Pink SunglassesLucia Candy Pink SunglassesLucia Candy Blue SunglassesLucia Candy Yellow SunglassesLucia Candy Green Sunglasses

Shop Super Lucia Candy Series, Available in:
Super Lucia Candy Pink >>
Super Lucia Candy Blue >>
Super Lucia Candy Yellow >>
Super Lucia Candy Green >>

Super Flat Top Large Sunglasses

Last season Super gave us the Flat Top Small, now this season they introduce the third size variation of their staple Flat Top, the Flat Top Large. Made for those who prefer or need a larger size fit,  the Flat Top Large is Super’s exact classic Flat Top model only scaled up in size.

Super Flat Top Large Sunglasses

Super Flat Top Large Sunglasses
Shop Super Flat Top Large Black Sunglasses >>

Super Eyeglasses

While SUPER has always included select optical styles, the SS 2012 collection is the first time they have developed a very full range of eyeglasses.  The collection includes a variety of colors in almost all of their signature silhouettes: Basic Shape, Ciccio, People,  America, Panama, Jaguar, 49er, Paloma, Flat Top Small, as well as a completely new metal style name the “Primo”(shown below).

Super Eyeglasses

Super Eyeglass collection

Shop  the entire Super eyeglass collection >>


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