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SUPER AW 2011/2012 Panama Collection

Super Sunglasses Autumn Winter 2012

The much anticipated Super AW 2011/2012 Collection is now stock,  supply limited!

“Panamá” flush with history and tradition, sets the stage as the title and inspiration for Retro Super Futures new Autumn Winter 2011/2012 collection.  It “is a breaking point between old and new, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, North and South America, a place of trades, commerce, fusion and legends.”

This season we see the addition of 5 new shapes as well as inspired new colorways that both celebrate the past and innovate toward the future.

Let us proceed to the roundup:

RetroSuperFuture Panama Sunglasses

A result of much research the Panamá silhouette is the basis for all of the sunglasses developed in this season’s collection.  Influenced by past eyewear making heritage, the new Panama is smaller fitting and refined, with contemporary gold metal detailing and offered in classic colors.

Available in a variation of 4 vintage color palettes: black acetate paired with tobacco brown lenses, classic havana masterfully combined with blue, a matte blonde havana with vintage green lenses, and a darker more contrasting havana with brown.

Super Panama Sunglasses BHMSuper Panama Sunglasses Blackhorz-seprator-sm
Super Panama Sunglasses - Cassic HavanaSuper Panama Sunglasses - Dark Havana

Super Panama BHM Sunglasses >>
Super Panama Black Sunglasses >>
Super Panama Classic Havana Sunglasses >>
Super Panama Dark Havana Sunglasses >>

Super 49er Sunglasses

The Super 49er is a nod to classic explorer sunglasses. Updated with contemporary freshness the 49er is manufactured with a SUPER SUNGLASSES AW 2011unique sweatbar and resistant metal skeleton partially enveloped in acetate. This classic adaptive design represents function in form and if pressed would probably be our top pick of the new shapes. The 49er fits a wide range of faces excellently.

Available in: black, classic as well as light havana with vintage deep green lenses, and clear acetate with see-through detailing purposely on display.

Super 49er sunglasses blackSuper 49er sunglasses 2
Super 49er sunglassesRetroSuperFuture 49er Sunglasses Crystal

Super 49er Black Sunglasses >>
Super 49er Classic Havana Sunglasses >>
Super 49er Light Havana Sunglasses >>
Super 49er Crystal Sunglasses >>

Retro Super Future America Sunglasses
The America is a timeless re-modeling of a cult classic design, with equal parts ‘90s and ‘50s. This model invokes a particular Americana: jukeboxes, Johnny Cash, and Cadillac’s.  It is a solid silhouette with sturdy arms, and a clean rectangular line.  The America is available in modern black on black, light havana with contrasting vintage green lenses, and dark havana with palm tree print.

Super America Sunglasses - Black
Super America Sunglasses - Light HavanaSuper America Sunglasses - Palm

Super America Black Sunglasses >>
Super America Light Havana Sunglasses >>
Super America Palm Sunglasses >>

SUPER Paloma Sunglasses

The Paloma is a simple smaller sunglass with classic appeal. Available in the characteristic color combos of the season: light havana with green lenses, crystal acetate with see through internal structures, and dark havana with palm tree  print.

Super Paloma Sunglasses - Light Havana
Super Paloma Sunglasses - CrystalSuper Paloma Sunglasses - Palm

Super Paloma Light Havana Sunglasses >>
Super Paloma Crystal Sunglasses >>
Super Paloma Palm Sunglasses >>

Super Jaguar Sunglasses
Tha Panama and 49er’s attention grabbing next of kin: The  Jaguar. The unique two tone matte acetate is paired with gold detailing on the arms and front to give the Jaguar a nostalgic old school elegance, but make no mistake about it the design is undoubtedly original.

Super GIAGUARO ( Jaguar ) sunglasses

Super Jaguar Matte Light Havana Sunglasses >>

Super Sunglasses New Classics


The Super Flat Top is updated with a fresh new touch. The classic black and three new tortoises have the temple tips dipped into colored lacquer. The pics speak for themselves.

Super Flat Top Laca Sunglasses - Spotted HavanaSuper Flat Top Laca Sunglasses - Yellow Tortoise
Super Flat Top Laca Sunglasses - BlackSuper Flat Top Laca Sunglasses - Burnt Havana

Super Flat Laca Spotted Havana / Green  >>
Super Flat Laca Yellow Tortoise / Blue  >>
Super Flat Laca Black / Grey  >>
Super Flat Laca Burnt Havana / Beige  >>

New Basic Shapes:

The Basic shape which started it all, is now offered in new subtly eye catching matte semi-translucent colors: Matte brown with “depression green” lenses, matte midnight blue with complementary brown lenses, and matte sea glass green with contrasting brown lenses.  The Basic is also offered in the new dark havana with palm tree print.


Super Basic Matte Brown Sunglasses >>
Super Basic Matte Midnight Blue Sunglasses >>
Super Basic Matte Light Green Sunglasses >>
Super Basic Palm Sunglasses >>

Stone Series (Piedra):

Organic, natural colors and materials are amongst the main characteristics of the fall season.  To follow suit the Lucia and People are now offered in unique full bodied acetates mimicking stone patterns of “mineral matter”.

super-people-sunglasses-black-stoneSuper People Sunglasses - Beige Stone
Super Lucia Sunglasses - Grey StoneSuper Lucia Sunglasses - Brown Stone

Super People Black Stone Sunglasses >>
Super People Beige Stone Sunglasses >>
Super Lucia Grey Stone Sunglasses >>
Super Lucia Brown Sunglasses >>

Flat Top Black Polarized:

The Iconic Super Flat Top is now offered with Zeiss polarized lenses. Polarized lenses dramatically reduce the glare off of any reflective surface. Whether it be off of the ocean, the pavement or windshields, with polarized lenses you will experience less eyestrain and fatigue while maximizing your visual clarity.

Super Flat Top Black Polarized Sunglasses

Super Flat Top Black Polarized Sunglasses >>


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