Oct 5

Win Super Flat Top Leather! Enter now.

Retro Super Future Super Sunglasses Give Away


It’s that time again! Time to show our appreciation  to our customers and readers by giving away not just any sunglasses, but the new Super Flat Top all leather sunglasses from their new fall/winter 2010 collection. The Lucky two winners, selected November 5th will win their choice of either:  Super Flat Top Leather Black OR Super Flat Top Leather Brown (retail price $326!)(*OR winner can select any other Super of their choosing). Don’t miss your chance to win, anyone can enter.

Entry is fast, simple, and best of all FREE. Details below…

Entry is completed in two quick and simple steps.


Follow Eyegoodies.com on Twitter ( @eyegoodies ) and tweet the following message:

Follow @eyegoodies + RT this message by Nov 5 to enter to WIN SUPER Flat Top Leather sunglasses by RETROSUPERFUTURE http://bit.ly/9SH4kT


write a comment on this post (make sure to include your twitter user name  in the comment).

You must do both the steps above to be eligible to win.  In other words if you just write a comment on this post and do not follow us on twitter(and tweet the message), you will not be eligible to win etc.
Please be sure to use a valid email address when you enter a comment on this post (so that we can contact you if you should win). Only one entry per person (duplicates will not be counted).

We will randomly choose two winners on Nov 5th 2010(12 pm EST).  The lucky winners will be contacted  by email and will have their choice of either:  Super Flat Top Leather Black OR Super Flat Top Leather Brown(*OR winner can select any other available Super of their choosing).

Good Luck!

ENTRY IS NOW CLOSED, THE 2 WINNERS ARE:  @vianca06 and @akillahnamedcam

We would like to thank everyone for participating and look for another giveaway soon.

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user comments  (163)

  1. Jon Merc says:

    My twitter name!!!!! @dobomaster

  2. Monique says:

    twitter name: @trulymonique

  3. Rico McQueen says:

    I need to win this contest those Super sunglasses are awesome.

    Follow me on Twitter @LumberjackRico

  4. Ashlynn says:

    Thanks for putting on these giveaways! EYEGOODIES rocks! @ashlynnpolini

  5. Andrew Landells says:

    I LOVE EYEGOODIES. My Twitter Name Is Twitter.com/ThisIsAdotjdot

  6. Annette R. says:

    Hey eyegoodies!

    Retweeted your tweet — @annetteswhimsys!

    I want those Super Flat Tops!!!

  7. A. Mejia says:


  8. Belet Lazar says:

    I’d love some Supers! Sexy! @belet_lazar

  9. Christopher Rodriguez says:

    i love super!!!

    twitter name – crod73

  10. Danny says:

    Cool glasses!

    twitter name – @mirabel8

  11. MartinVanBuren says:


  12. No You Do says:

    RETROSUPERFUTUREs are amazing. These would compliment my short shorts so well! http://www.flickr.com/photos/retrosuperfuture/4542303551/



    twitter name = JessalynnMarie

  14. Brian Dorsey says:

    Hook it up eyegoodies!


  15. heriberto trujillo says:

    pick me I love super. My twitter is @mrscream

  16. Greyson Tyler says:

    Love my Super W and would love these even more!

  17. Kyle says:

    Eyegoodies is the best eyewear site out there!!!
    my twitter name: >>> @killbillrox <<< Thanks!!!

  18. Melissa O says:

    These shades are fresh, will go with everything else leather and black I own.

    Follow me at @MMMelio

  19. Please chose me cause first I would be honor to wear a pair of super sunglasses and I’ll tell all of my friend to come to Eyegoodies.com to come here and purchase their sunglasses here and post about your new arrival every time on my blog @

    my twitter is @ http://twitter.com/zZeeAH

  20. mark-antoine joncas says:

    It be nice to have those flats @markojoncas

  21. cathleen says:

    i’m @cathmp25 and i wanna win!!! naturally.

  22. nathan says:

    twitter name: @alwayzfresh

  23. Phillip says:

    Hopefully I win, ahah.

    twitter: @furpz

  24. Kitty Smalling says:

    Stunning glasses. Would love to win. following and tweeting. twitter id is @kit37354

  25. Linda says:

    Fingers crossed!!! @linda_tran

  26. Adam says:

    mad hip


  27. Khoi says:

    Twitter: @khzzl

  28. michael kramer says:


  29. Ken says:


    good luck everyone

  30. Jeremy says:

    I am a proud EyeGoodies customer and I have much love for Super sunglasses I hope to be one of the lucky two.

    twitter: @apolloson23

  31. jamil says:

    @mil_gottablast …..pick me bc i just turned 18

  32. Tammie says:

    Hi, I’m @tamcho on Twitter. I would love to win these awesome sunglasses!

  33. Jeremiah says:


    I got my supers from you about 6 months ago and I love them, I’m almost ready for another pair!

  34. Lyrin Brooks says:

    Hi Eyegoodies!

    My twitter name is: @lyrinb

    Super is a fab brand and eyegoodies is the best site on the web. So awesome for us Aussies to get great brands for a great price.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  35. Angela A says:

    Oh nooooo, I’ve been tweeting this contest and did know to comment here. I am glad the website, somehow popped up. Awww yeah!

    Cute sunglasses!

    @OneTwoMany on Twitter!
    Tweeting daily

  36. VinSe says:

    UP AND AT ‘EM!

  37. SHANICE says:

    I NEED THE SAND 1s @DattDiamond

  38. A.J. says:

    @InnCrowdMag Those Are HOTTT

  39. Catalina K says:

    I follow you on Twitter (@CKhalaj) and have just tweeted about the giveaway:

  40. christie says:

    yes please!


  41. Mark P says:

    exciting! My twitter is


  42. marjorie says:

    hanks for posting these Epic SUPER FLAT TOP LEATHER SUNGLASSES.WoW!

  43. ChrispFilms says:

    Yess! Supers are the best!

    twitter: ChrispFilms

  44. Laura says:

    Awesome! @Big3lle

  45. Spencer C. says:

    Sweet. My twitter: @thisboatisreall

  46. Lo Res says:

    twitter @HTHNS

  47. ernie says:

    for the contest Eyegoodies the best! follow me @ernesteez

  48. Eyelasher says:


  49. Sam F says:

    Twitter name: amsayeemanfray

  50. Elena Garcia says:


    as in I’m ele and I’m creisi!!!!!! wuuu thanks =)

  51. Katie says:


  52. Jess P says:

    twitter: @jesspham

  53. Kristen N says:

    twitter: @kr15tenn

  54. Andrew R. says:

    I NEED those Supers in my life!


  55. Narin Nhem says:

    twitter: @eneffex

  56. J Paik says:

    twitter name @jpsolax

  57. Jmeringolo says:

    Follow me @J_Meringolo SUPER!!!!!

  58. RobOrange says:

    Tweetle – leet! Twit – Twit! Super-fan.


  59. Melissa Lawrence says:

    Following on Twitter @2boysblue and tweeted http://twitter.com/2boysblue/status/27171345372

  60. Robert L says:

    I’m loving my Supers from the Summer Sale!
    twitter: @ZeHawtness

  61. Salmaan Hamid says:

    twitter username: @sal88

  62. sal osorio says:

    i have 3 pairs of Supers and one more wouldn’t hurt!
    twitter: @osalrio

  63. Patty says:

    @applespice159 tweeted and follow

  64. clay erickson says:

    twitter: twitter.com/aerxsun

  65. Jacky says:

    Twitter: @justjacky


  66. Homing Li says:

    LUCK ON ME! My twitter name! @supppy

  67. Jun H Choi says:

    I love your selections of Super Sunglasses, already have 3 from eyegoodies!

    twitter: @xjunho83x

  68. luke says:

    hot shades! @land041

  69. UNA STANIC says:

    I LOVE EYEGOODIES!!! GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE!!!! Twitter name: @UnaStanic

  70. Sultan says:

    Picked up a pair of Super sunglasses from Eyegoodies this summer! fast shipping. Super sunglasses are the bomb.

    Follow @SultanSoSerious

    I am rocking eyegoodie sunglasses in my pic.

  71. sam says:

    I wanna look fresh and I cant afford thoughs hot shades! Hook me up!
    Twitter name: @soster13

  72. Pat-D says:

    @patrick_chewing, eye goooooodies Lord Lord Lord!

  73. Julia Semikina says:

    Just got clear Super frames, need to diversify collection. Texture is the new fashion!

    Sweet tweets from @terpsihora !!!

  74. Stella Murillo says:

    I was trying three days ago to convince my husband to buy the Super Flat Top Sunglasses for himself. OMG! It is so hard to convince men to buy accessories and clothing. These are the reasons why I love Eyegoodies -fast shipping, excellent customer service and unique designers (such as Graz). I have bought two pairs of sunglasses in September from Eyegoodies and I would not mind buying another pair for sure by the end of the year. Ooopss! I forgot to include my twitter name in my first attempt – Piolinapiupiu

  75. Amy Childs says:

    Nice… @lilmiss37

  76. Ty says:

    I love super retro future! I have the #flat top Francis & the #summer safari cheetah! I love ’em, they bring out my alterego @BlairKenzo #stuntinsmy1staddiction !!!!!!!!!

  77. Cameron Whitaker says:


    email: satincheese180@gmail.com

  78. Abdul says:

    SUPER! @_Ace_Boogie_

  79. omg not even lil wayne will have this ones!
    he’s in prison! :) i WANT THEM!
    i also have two pairs!
    and bought them here!
    talk about fast shipping!
    oh and retweeted right away:)

    ps. leather is soo in right now!
    happy winter!


  80. Yaya says:

    I wanna win! :)

  81. helen says:

    nice! @vvcv rt’ed thanks

  82. Good luck everyone. I hope I get a pair. :-) http://www.twitter.com/thesuperheross or @thesuperheross
    Contact me at superheross@gmail.com

  83. ivan says:

    twitter is @ialexr

  84. Zach Moon says:

    I followed and Posted HOOK IT UP SUPERS ARE DA BEST!


  85. robert says:

    check it out:


  86. mike says:

    hope i win

  87. Andrew Velan says:

    twitter: @atrv7
    Eye Goodies – always stocking the finest – thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  88. Jorge Neves says:

    my twitter is @ninote… check it out

  89. jacob says:

    super! @bigbearbelly

  90. BlackRasul says:

    I desperately need these frames!!


  91. emma says:

    twitter name: @eaclose

  92. Tyler says:

    Just entered the contest! Awesome giveaway!

    Twitter Username: ArabLincoln

  93. Greg says:


  94. Trin says:

    A great big Hiya! from @AllTheWiser

  95. Donna K says:

    I tweeted @donnak4.

  96. Darlene Wright says:

    I tweeted @lefty22, thanks

  97. Matt A says:

    Pick me

    Twitter name: @TheMattsauce

  98. Margaret says:

    Twitter name is @bockle

  99. Terrell J says:

    @rastar3. Plzzzzzzz!!!!

  100. Lucero says:

    Twitter username: earthformed

  101. Katy says:

    Follow on twitter @kitkat234 & tweeted:
    kitkat 234 at gmail dot com

  102. Lisa G says:

    Twitter name @ladylisa1 :)

  103. Stephanie L. says:

    twitter name: @steflum

  104. bebo says:


  105. Peter Do says:

    Twitter Name: @PetedaSkeet

  106. phamboyy says:

    hope i win!


  107. @luiscayuelas im Looking for super sunglasses in Spain but I haven’t founded It yet! nice to meet that new twitter user! A big hug from seville! THANKS

  108. Cameron says:

    Twiter username: aKillahNamedCam

  109. Adhem says:

    @TokezLotz cant wait to see if i win

  110. Eric says:

    twitter username: arickly

    I hope I win 😮

  111. MMBeautygirl says:

    These are so cool – I have never seen glasses with leather like that!

  112. kim jenkins says:

    https://twitter.com/tweetqueenof3/status/28690018086 my tweet and i follow now ..great looking pair of glasses !!

  113. andy hall says:

    My Twitter name hallhaller6

  114. Bretta says:

    Awesome shades! Twitter @breaduh




  116. charlotte says:

    @charlettweet retweeted!

  117. Damjan says:

    I would like to wear the brown ones for my next trip to Europe! Cool!- surfingpony76

  118. Stancu Marius says:

    Hello eyegoodies …i love you and your glasses …i wnt to win a pair of super sunglasses …i love them !!! THANX !!! my TWITTER NAME is @XXIVIMCMLXXXIII .

  119. sunchicka says:

    Goovy glasses!

    twitter @sunchicka
    RT: https://twitter.com/sunchicka/status/29018773093

  120. lindasy93 says:


    Twitter: lindasy93

  121. kzee89 says:

    @kzee89 tweeted!! 😀

  122. kenzoprovider says:

    i luv it, i want ittttttttt
    let they return back to italy plzzzz

    my twitter name is kenzoprovider

  123. oshVICTIM says:



  124. Ezra says:

    Super always has the best glasses! – @Ezra_L

  125. Bonito says:

    Pleasw make my Dream come true. Absolutely love this shades. @bowjei

  126. Carol says:

    I’m soooo loving these shades! :~)


  127. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would love to win! I follow on twitter(@ksceviour) and tweeted:


  128. Edward Brown says:


  129. Geoffrey Flores says:

    fresh supers

    twitter: @geoffreyfloress

  130. justin granado says:

    @justinkrod :))))) pleasssee bbeeee meeee!!!

  131. Edgar Gutierrez says:

    Love your website!!! There’s always something New & Fresh!!!! Crossing my fingers, to win me a pair of SUPERS!!! There my favorite sunglasses out right now!!! My Twitter name is Edgazdomain .

  132. @PennyZeni says:

    What a unique pair of shades! Would definitely stand out in a crowd. @pennyzeni
    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  133. Meghan says:

    Sweet glasses. I follow and tweeted! immortalb4

  134. John Pableo says:


    Good luck everyone!

  135. Shelissa says:

    Love these!!! @shelissacook

  136. JD says:

    @JDOnTheTrack I love super glasses

  137. Shareen S says:

    @shreenS is a HUgeeeee fan of the super sunglasses!!!! I would LOVE to win a pair!!! I never win stuff, so this would be those drop dead moments. -And msg has been retweeted! :)

  138. Clarence Cruz says:


  139. Jon C. says:

    @automatonjon loves super sunglasses!

  140. Matt Mendelson says:

    Would love to win you guys are the best!


  141. Marc Lapid says:

    @MarcuLapid – Supers for the win! Awh YEuh 😀

  142. Cindy champion says:

    I’m following u on Twitter. @ladyboarder9669

  143. Charline Williams says:

    @myprayerpillows Thank you for throwing this contest!!!

  144. omodunni onabanjo says:

    @MsEndowedTohBad huge fan of sunglasses am excited

  145. bonzdude says:

    @bonzdude on twitter.. I love those shades…they r sooo sick! I got the carreras from this site and I really wanted the supers…and it’ll be awesome

  146. E says:

    Twitter name – @leao25
    Super ftmw!

  147. Tasveen says:

    Adore the glasses!! Super glasses are a must haaaaveeee!!!!!! @Miss_tsidhu

  148. Ryan Stafford says:

    @RyannStafford These are crazy!! the brown ones are out of control I would love a pair!

  149. Mindee Larsen says:

    These sunglasses rock! Hoping to win <33

    Twitter name: @mindee7

  150. Diane says:

    so unique! tweeting @saraminda

  151. K says:

    @kkanekotraining tweeted!

  152. cynthia says:

    tweeted @cynious

  153. sinhyun park says:

    tweeted @sunshineonsally

  154. William Blair says:

    I love Super sunglasses so much, check this pic of me wearing the Flat Black 24K
    Flat Tops


    They are durable sunglasses and so good looking and I would love to own another pair. The 24k ones are so flashy and are only good on some occasions but the Flat Top Leathers are so classic and perfect for every day and would absolutely provide tons of joy to my life.


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